For the past few years it has been such fun developing 100% cashmere clothes and accessories for children and I will continue to do so as it is an absolute passion for me to keep little ones warm, cosy and stylish ... BUT to shake things up I decided to do something a little different this winter…

After a lot of consideration and because my customers were very keen to buy something for themselves too, I decided to do a small adult collection as well as keeping the children’s range.

To help me in this exciting task and to continue to improve on all the Mandarine Coco designs I have asked my friend Camilla Meakin to help me out.

Camilla is a busy mum of 4 , she is half French and has a super eye for fashion and style.  Having worked in Fashion before she is very keen to get back into design and with her love and passion for cashmere we have decided to create "Capsule by Mandarine Coco".

Both inspired by our French heritage we have put together a collection of ladies wear that is both elegant and timeless with original touches that can be worn anytime anywhere!

All Mandarine Coco and Capsule items are 100% high quality cashmere from Inner Mongolia.

We hope you and your children will enjoy wearing them.

See you soon

Jeanne and Camilla x